Trying to do too much

When I truly get invested in something, I throw myself at it and can even become a little obsessive. I’ll work my ass off to make the company and product a success. I like this side of myself, and I think my commitment and determination is a huge part of what makes me good at what I do.

What makes me bad at what I do is when I begin to ignore the voice of reason that tells me “you can’t do everything”. This has happened over the last few weeks, and this week the negative effects of trying to do too much started to rear their heads.

I have standards for myself, and dropping below those is a fucking awful feeling. So now I need to get myself out of the slump. How? First I catch up and deliver. I made the mistake of trying to do too much; I must fix it. Next, I remind myself of my priorities.

Primary responsibilities are the things that I am part of the company todo. These are the things that when I do, I contribute the most value I can. They are what I am best at and where 80-90% of my time should be spent.

Secondary responsibilities. These are things that I can influence and contribute to, or I spend time supporting other team members with. These can also be tasks that are merely less critical (add less value) than those considered primaries.

Now for the next few weeks, anything that falls outside of Primary will be given a solid no. Doing this is all about me refocusing and getting back the routine and discipline of what is most important for me todo. Reintroducing the secondary responsibilities once my standard of work for my primary responsibilities is back to where it should be.