My Website is nothing without me

Websites are hard, don't let anyone tell you any different. Building your own personal site is where happiness goes to die. In an effort to build a website I can eventually enjoy, I decided to approach it like any good product person. Poco a poco.

So I've set up node and express, added gulp, wrote a quick introduction about myself, set up a route to this story, wrote 60'ish lines of CSS, and this story.

Now, every week I will make an update. This update might be on the design, development, it might be a story just like this, or it might even be some backend stuff that nobody will care about bar me. But something will change, and this is all that's important. Little by little - progress.

Disclaimer: There is also a chance the World Cup will distract me from this project, and this story will be the final update. And that will be fine.