Designing and building my own site over the years has been bloody difficult. So I took a New Approach.

  1. Dark mode happned and I like it

    Changed my mac to dark mode. I like it so much I wanted it. So I updated things to be dark mode. I've said dark mode 4 times now. Darkmode.

  2. Summer is leaving, so I added a sun.

    Type and interactions now all greys and blacks, with some fun contrast added with the accents of the background CSS only animated circles.

  3. Jackie Chan once broke his foot jumping on a hovercraft

    Added some fun interactions to links. I love minimal design with beautiful interactions and subtle details.

  4. Home is where your bed is.

    Some fun updates to the home, 2 columns, type updates, centered/centred the site.

  5. Just incase Mobile Telephones catch on, I made some tweaks

    Special paddings for smaller screens on the body. 5% scaled down wasn't enough.

  6. Watching 8 out 10 cats, not focusing, it got out of hand

    Updated typography, I love Helvetica, always have. Updated the layout width, updated some interactions.

  7. Type porn

    Spent hours looking and experimenting with fonts, pairing and still have hours more to go. PT Serif shipped for now.

  8. Put a billy bookshelf together

    Added a new page to share the books that I have on my shelf. Books to be added with some more details.

  9. You get a file, you get a file, you all get files

    CSS file started to annoy me. Broke it up into seperate files and components.

  10. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

    Or share. I did some optimisation for posts when they are shared on social, because I'm an OG 🐣.

  11. I'm watching you

    I added Google Analytics, how else will I know what your dog does when you are away.

  12. Created a changelog

    You can't trust any changelog that does not start with the creation of a changelog.